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The Library of Congress Asian Reading Room 2009 Frances Tan Moeson Fellowship
allowed me* to travel to the LoC to find early Japan photos and early Korea photos.

INSTRUCTIONS: Depending on the purpose, use the following
1. Classroom playback (short narrated movies; including transcripts): Try playing first with no sound (mute) to appreciate the photos; then playback with audio.
Alternatively to movie form, slideshows: Women in Japan -PPT, Colonial Days -PPT, Modernizing Japan -PPT.
2. Discussing with students (image + question prompt): PDF includes pop-up annotation with suggested answers.
3. Contributing (write details of location, persons, event; or posing questions): online album (see Tags used at left)
4. Browsing rapidly entire groups of images: "browse-rapidly" link at left
5. Using source pictures: ZIP folder to obtain images used above in narrated movies. colonial-japan.zip; Women (1 of 2; 2 of 2); Modernizing (1 of 3; 2 of 3; 3 of 3).

ADVICE for adding comments to the online photo sets (albums) - below

  • Guven Peter Witteveen is a Japan anthropologist engaged in multimedia design, outreach education and curriculum production. Write to him at anthroview at gmail.com
how to search albums; add comments

how to use the online albums